The Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution
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Written: July 18, 1996
Updated: June 12, 2000
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       Oh, my friends, I weep for us.
       For we have turned away from our true love, and
           the anguish
           eats at our hearts.
       Our souls-to-be's hearts
           cry out for love's sweet touch,
           but our minds and hearts and bodies serve their own, humiliating, substitute:
       No matter what we will to do.


       May we all meet face to Face
           in a life filled
           with His Joy
           and His Presence
           and His Service.
       In the meantime,
           all I can show you is your self
           that hides you from you and pretends
           to hide you from
       And point out the way to love's door,
           which you must follow yourself,
           which is the way to

from the Face of Love

We have made some texts about the Science of Man's Conscious Self-Evolution and personal spiritual transformation available.

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For a brief introduction to these ideas, see Real Change and Personal Transformation.

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